New Beginnings

Early last month, I left my full time dog walking job of 8 years to commit more time to myself and my art. What does this mean? Like some of you, I'm self employed and working from home. Of course, I haven't planned it all. It's part of the process, and new beginnings. 

This is a huge shift for me. I spent 8 years working outdoors with my pack. I do miss those silly faces, the loving personalities and the mutual respect. Thankfully, their humans and I have become friends over the years and there's Instagram to follow their daily adventures. It was time though, and putting all my efforts and new joy into my art is coming to fruition. During the holidays, I was able to make artwork for many of you. THANK YOU! I am full of gratitude and humbled to be a part of your holiday memories. And guess what? Many of those commissions were DOGS! 

I'm still spending my time with the doggies, but in art form. Now they're not the only subject I draw, but people adore their pups. I completely get it! I have a pup myself. Her name is Peanut Buttercup, and she is everything to us! My wife and I don't have children, but she's our kiddo, and we have lots of art of her from some of our favorite artist friends. Because of your love for your pets, your people- your loved ones, I am able to bring that smile into your homes and onto your walls (or wherever you display your art). Thank you immensely for your support on this new path. Here's to creating lots of art and to new ideas!
Last but not least, I am taking commissions. Feel free to reach out or send your family and friends. 

Some of my holiday commissions:


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