Monday, January 24, 2011


I determined to have "The Invited" (a diptych set painted in acrylic on wood) complete just in time for the 40th Annual Beastly Ball, honoring Betty White and her efforts over the decades working with the Los Angeles Zoo. As one of the biggest fundraisers at the zoo, these two paintings went for silent auction ($1,000 value), with a theme celebrating the awaited arrival of the new Elephants of Asia exhibit (opening December 16, 2010). I had the opportunity to attend the exclusive event as one of the hard-working volunteers amongst the crowd of fellow donors, employees, animal enthusiasts, city officials, caterers, bartenders, and television faces that contributed to raising the $1,205,000 to benefit the Zoo. The zoo was transformed into a fair of guests mingling, sampling foods and beverages from all sorts of delicious restaurants, while checking out all the fun auction items. I enjoyed the worldly steel drum/xylophone ensemble while being amused by bizarre costumed characters...and discovering the small animals that made up the night's "Mini Zoo" (armadillos, snakes and my favorite, the Hawaiian Owl). After watching Betty White on the recent SNL, I was excited to see her being honored at the event for all of her years dedicating her efforts to the LA Zoo. It was great to be part of the cause!


Photo by Tad Motoyama


Read more at: Los Angeles Zoo Press Release

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